Kenya Tourist Board has launched a global advertising campaign on CNN. The Marketing architecture of the campaign is based on the diverse and unique tourism experiences Kenya has to offer.

Welcome to Kenya. Discover the Magic of Africa

The campaign slogan; “Welcome to Kenya. Discover the magic of Africa’’ captures the true character of Kenya; pristine, warm beaches, abundant wildlife, world renowned game parks and reserves, scenic landscape, eco-tourism, unique culture and warmth of the people, hundreds of birds and so much more. These merge to provide our visitors with amazing, memorable as well as good value for money experiences.

Tourism is Kenya’s 2nd highest foreign exchange earner and provides employment to thousands of people. Funded by the European Union, this International campaign, anchored by CNN on TV and through online digital marketing, will target international tourists in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The campaign aims to rebuild the image of Kenya as a premier tourist destination and in so doing regenerate confidence and boost international tourist arrivals to Kenya from traditional source markets and emerging markets.

We welcome you to experience the splendor and charm of Africa in this one country, Kenya.

Hey! Tell us what you think about the Ad and Kenya as a Destination….


  1. Can you expand on how you intend to use online marketing. I am not convinced a big budget spend on CNN is as effective because the audience in the USA is consuming media online. What is your expected ROI and what metrics are you using to measure suceess of this campaign? You do have a beatiful video though.

  2. Great Ad. Captures the essence of everything Kenya has to offer. Kenya certainly is the Magic of Africa

  3. Hi people,
    The magicalkenya ad is a great piece of work making one want to visit Kenya immediately.
    However, the catch-phrase should, “Magical Kenya, Hakuna Matata” rather than the “Magical Kenya, Discover the magic of Africa”
    Swahili being unique, will give the whole closing up moment both strong,original, unique and long lasting. Let’s make it “Hakuna Matata” and it will have a much better effect.
    Thank you.

  4. well done but cawe try to reach some local media in european coutries because it is the local person who need a in belgium we go for dutch channels ,concentrate on HAKUNA MATATA AND SAFARI AS CATCH WORDS

  5. The advert is beautiful

    But as someone said earlier ,make sure there is a Hakuna Matata somewhere ..I meet tourists who have been there and they always remember that ..also upload this on facebook and other sites..
    Market it in movies,as a prelude to block busters .


  6. This is good. consider posting the video n material to free outlets like youtube …etc

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