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Kenya's South Coast - a tropical paradise
South Coast - A tropical paradise of palm fringed white sandy beachesThe coastline south of Mombasa is a tropical paradise of palm fringed white sand beaches, where the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean meet beautiful coral reefs. The protective reefs have created ideal beaches with calm, inviting waters. Days are filled with sunshine and nights are balmy and warm with gentle sea breezes. The offshore reefs are alive with coral, myriad fish, sea turtles and dolphins.

Both outer and inner reef walls offer world class diving with spectacular coral gardens and drop offs. At Kisite-Mpunguti, a Marine Reserve has been established around beautiful Wasini Island, an ideal day trip for divers and snorkellers.
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Kenya Leads the Way in Eco-tourism

Eco-Tourism - Kenya Leads the WayKENYA LEADS THE WAY IN ECO-TOURISM
A leader in innovative eco-lodges, Kenya has won many international eco-lodge awards...

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Eco Safaris in Kenya


Kenya is one of the global leaders in community-based ecotourism, working with the many local tribes to develop innovative ways to protect the environment and local culture.

Kenya is ahead of the ecotourism pack in other areas as well, planning to be Africa’s first country to develop and use international criteria to rate eco-lodges and tour operators. A leader in innovative eco-lodges, Kenya has won many international eco-lodge awards.

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The electricity supply in Kenya is 220/240 v 50hz. Plugs are 3 point square. If you are planning to bring a video camera charger or any other electrical advice, please bring voltage and plug adaptors where appropriate.
Getting Around
Kenya has an extensive domestic travel network, with plenty of options to suit any traveller's needs. Whether you're looking for speed, comfort, sightseeing or service you'll find something to suit as you travel around Kenya...
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Kenya Visa and Immigration Information

For those who will be arriving in Kenya on and after July 1st 2011, the new Visa rates will be as follows:
  • Single Journey Visa (SJV)- $50.
  • Multiple Journey Visa (MJV)-$100.
  • Transit Visa (TV)-$20.
  • Referral Visa-$20
Or the equivalent amount in Euros, GBP and SwissFrancs
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Kenya’s culture exemplifies the art of adornment and decoration, and history shows that this has been a long and influential tradition. Throughout the country, there are many examples of rock art and cave painting by early man, and of similar designs and motifs carried through recent centuries.

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Theatre in the traditional sense is very popular in Nairobi. There is a National Theatre, and also several small dramatic companies. Probably the best known are the Phoenix Players. In Kenya, theatre is commonly used as a form of social education.

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Oral folklore and legend in pre-colonial Kenya was of paramount importance as the only form of storytelling or history (with the exception of the coast). Most tribal groups had their own particular folklore and mythologies. 

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Music & Dance

Kenya Music and DanceTraditionally, Kenyan music originates from several sources. Many of the Nomadic tribes of this region share some common ground in the use of songs and chants, particularly among Maa speaking groups. Maa song has always played a large role in ceremonial life, and continues to...

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