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Laikipia Conservancy
This spectacular region is considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild Northern frontier country. Wild and sparsely populated, much of Laikipia is covered by large privately owned ranches. On most ranches cattle share the land with free ranging wildlife.

In recent years this wildlife has become a valuable asset, with many ranches now establishing guest houses, homestays and private camps within their boundaries. This has proven a great success, and many ranches now rely on a thriving tourist trade.
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How to get to Laikipia
How to get to Laikipia
This area of wilderness is a sprawling, rather loosely defined area, accessible by road from Nanyuki, Baringo, Eldoret or Isiolo. It is important to remember that many of the ranches, and the roads therein, are privately owned.

Some ranches allow day visitors with their own transport, others do not. Visitors should always make enquiries in advance.

If you are visiting a ranch with your own private transport, ask for directions and preferably a map, in advance. 

Many ranches and sanctuaries have their own airstrips, which can be used by charter aircraft. Most ranches will arrange to transfer guests directly by air or road from Nairobi or any other destination, as part of their service.

Where to stay in Laikipia
Where to stay in Laikipia, Kenya

The ranches and sanctuaries offer an interesting range of accommodation to suit all individual tastes and interests. These range from special private camps, guesthouses, homestays and luxury tented camps.

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Dining in Laikipia
Dining in Laikipia, Kenya
The emphasis in the private sanctuaries and ranches in this area is on individualized, personal service, and this certainly extends to the kitchen.

As many of these properties are also working farms, there is an abundance of excellent local produce. Even in the most remote private camps, gifted camp chefs produce fantastic menus to impress even the most discerning diner.
What to do in Laikipia
What to do in Laikipia
Laikipia is a game rich area, and offers plenty for the wildlife enthusiast.

The space, seclusion and privacy of these game sanctuaries give you the total unrestricted freedom to explore and enjoy the wilderness. Many of these ranches incorporate a range of varied habitats and as a result, an equally diverse range of species can be found.

Most of these contiguous properties allow migratory herds to move unobstructed from one ranch to the next. This has resulted in large, healthy populations of game.

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