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Malindi and Watamu - Overview
Malindi and Watamu - a strip of idyllic tropical wide white beachesThe small town of Malindi is at the centre of a strip of idyllic tropical beaches offering the visitor a range of world class resorts and quiet relaxing hideaways. Further south, the sleepy village of Watamu is fronted by wide white beaches.
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Wildlife Safari in Malindi, So much to See
The Malindi area and the North Coast offer excellent opportunities for wildlife safaris. The beaches themselves are good birding country. The waters of Mida Creek near Watamu is a paradise of waders and shore birds.
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Eat Out - Dining in Malindi
The obvious culinary attraction in this area is seafood, and there is plenty available, with excellent fish, crabs, lobster, oysters and more. There is also an abundance of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, peanuts, cashews and wild honey.

There is a great many restaurants throughout the North Coast serving a range of international cuisines. Many hotels have their own restaurants.

Malindi has a large Italian population, many of whom are involved in the tourist trade. As a result, there are plenty of excellent Italian restaurants, bistros and coffees shops to be found along the coast.
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While in Malindi, What to Do
For travellers seeking a peaceful and relaxing tropical idyll far from the madding crowd, this is an ideal destination. Centred around the resort town of Malindi, this strip of white sand beaches is surrounded by expanses of tropical forests, ancient historical sites and a fascinating local culture.

Take a Beach safari to Malindi and Watamu- Walk through the Forest, explore the mangroves by boat, dive on the reef or try your hand at big game fishing. At the North coast you have all these choices and more, with the space and freedom to relax, unwind, and soak up the atmosphere.
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