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Kenya's Deserts
The North of Kenya is a vast trackless expanse of desert and semi desert wilderness. This hot, sparsely populated land is a place of harsh and stunning beauty. 

Among the stunning cliffs and ranges and thorn scrub of the North, live some of Kenya’s last nomadic tribes. For these people, the desert wilderness is an integral part of their lives, and they cross these lands with camel trains following traditional routes older than any living memory.

For many people, this is the real Kenya, where the great empty spaces hold the promise of real adventure...

Maralal and Beyond
Kenya, Maralal and BeyondMaralal is a frontier town, the beginning of the Great Northern wilderness and the staging post for many great adventures...

Marsabit and Beyond
Marsabit and BeyondNorth of Isiolo is Archer’s Post, long considered the official eastern gateway to the wilds of the Northern Frontier District. Beyond this point you enter a world of harsh beauty, endless arid plains and the great horizons...


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