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Oloolua Forest Trail
Oloolua nature trail is managed by the National Museums of Kenya. This unique eco-system is one of the very few existing and well preserved indegineous forests in Kenya.
Oloolua Forest Trail
The history of this natural heritage dates fifty years ago, when one Dr Louis Leakey and a colleague Dr Cynthia Booth, started a small centre in Tigoni on private land, with personal money and with only a handful of workers. 

Their aim was to undertake scientific studies on human evolution, the scientific subject upon which the Leakey family has built a world-wide reputation. 

Besides its research activities, the IPR boasts of a natural eco-tourism facility within the tranquil indigenous forest. Within reach from the city center, this is a welcome get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a perfect escape to mother nature for fresh air, picnicking, family day out, walk in the forest, camping and even honey mooning.

Located just a few meters from Karen Blixen, the forest is accessible both by private means as well as public transport. 

A guide is available to take you through a three hour informative tour of the forest and explains the intricate details of the eco-system. 

If you just want to enjoy a simplified tour of the nature trail, a one-hour walk within the forest will give you a sample and take you through the key areas. 

Some of the interesting attractions include a picnic site, you can have a picnic or even arrange for a sit down set up within the forest to have you brunch, lunch or sun downer. 

A natural cave awaits you which was once used as a hideout by the Mau Mau in pre-colonial period. This cool cave reminds you of life in history and sometimes when inside you picture the cave man living and sleeping in there.

Another site to behold is a spectacular waterfall, with cool gushing waters that makes a beautiful backdrop for any photo session.

These waters make the Mbagathi river and mark the border between two provinces, at one spot, you can claim to be standing on both provinces as you put one your foot in Nairobi and the other in the Rift Valley.

Don’t forget to ask the guide for the eagle’s nest and get to hear the marvels of intrigue and adventure of one man who loved bird watching and tracked an eagle, monitoring its habits and lifestyle from 30feet above feet above the ground. 

You will get to see the most spectacular view from at atop this tower.

After a long day, you may want the adventure of camping out in the forest. For an affordable weekend camping, this jungle offers an out of the ordinary camping experience. 

Alternatively if you want the comforts of a house, a two bedroom guest house is available on request. 

And since this is a primate center, you will get acquainted with your neighbors, who are the monkeys you will hear occasionally jumping on the trees around the house or on your rooftop.

Put on your walking shoes and enjoy the tranquil hidden get away in this magnificent forest in Karen, or simply spend a quiet weekend camping or tucked away in the guest house. 

Surprise your guests with a unique experience of a brunch/lunch or sundowner in the forest, take those unforgettable wedding pictures an this untouched natural forest, or simply spend a quiet retreat in the woods.

For more information visit www.museums.or.ke