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Kenya Tourism Board - SERVICE CHARTER
The purpose of this Service Charter is to communicate Kenya Tourist Board`s commitment to provision of quality and efficient service to its customers and stakeholders. It highlights KTB’s role in positioning Kenya as an outstanding tourist destination. It gives insights about our core functions, values and sets standards of service delivery to ensure client`s/stakeholders satisfaction. 

Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) was established in 1997 through the legal notice no.14 under the state Corporations Act (Cap 446) of the laws of Kenya. 


The mandate of the Board is to:
  • Promote and market Kenya as a tourist destination locally and internationally;
  • Establish public Relations services to address issues of concern to the tourism industry, and facilitate the resolution of conflicts within the industry;
  • Monitor the quality and standards of facilities available to tourists and advice both the private sector and relevant Government agencies on how to improve the facilities;
  • Work in partnership with national, regional and international organizations as well as local authorities in the country to improve the tourism environment;
  • To initiate education and awareness programmes on tourism locally as well as abroad;
  • Develop and maintain professional personnel to deal with issues that adversely affect Kenya`s image in the tourism industry;


Our Corporate culture is based on our core values-the beliefs and behavioral qualities that will not be compromised:
  1. Integrity and Professionalism; 
  2. Quality customer service,
  3. Competence, discipline and Team Spirit
  4. Productive Partnerships, Social Responsibility and recognition of employee,
  5. Innovativeness, Dynamism and Excellence.


Achieving global recognition for Kenya as an outstanding tourism destination


To Drive and support the effective marketing of Kenya`s tourism products professionally and transparently while enriching the lives of Kenyans and visitors alike. 


  1. To develop and implement destination marketing strategies locally and internationally.
  2. To provide leadership and offer strategic direction to both the government and the tourism private sector in matters regarding destination marketing.
  3. To establish public relations services to address issues concerning the image of the tourism industry in Kenya.
  4. To generate and manage tourism industry research, information and market data and necessary statistical information required for planning at both public and private sector levels.
  5. Work in partnership with national, regional and international organizations as well as local authorities in the country to improve the tourism environment.
  6. To monitor the quality and standards of facilities available to both local and international tourists and advice the private sector and government agencies on how to improve the facilities for various target markets.
  7. Initiate education and awareness programmes on tourism locally as well as abroad. 


  1. Destination Marketing Services 
  2. Tourism Marketing Information Services
  3. Tourism Statistics, Research and Information Services
  4. Media Liaison and Tourism Sector Crisis Management Services
  5. Web Advertising Services
  6. Collateral Materials/Promotional Materials Services
  7. Exhibition, Road shows and Stand Design Services
  8. Destination Training Services for Source Market Travel Trade
  9. Product Value Added Advisory Services
  10. Tour Operator Partnership Support
  11. General Industry Marketing Services 


  1. Employees
  2. Tourists
  3. Tourism industry 
  4. Media
  5. People of Kenya
  6. Diplomatic Corp and Government agencies


To the employees
  1. Provision of conducive work environment and resources - Continuous
  2. Conducting Staff appraisals - Annually
  3. Enhancing skills through relevant capacity development - Continuous
  4. Communicating of policy changes - Immediately
  5. Responding to feedback/Complaints - 7 days
To the Government

  1. Fulfillment of our mandate - Continuous
  2. Submission of performance contract reports to the relevant government authorities - Annually/Quarterly
  3. Submission of annual financial statements - 30th September
  4. Release of tourists data to various publics - Immediately
  5. Remittance of taxes due - As per statutory deadlines


To the tourism industry
  1. Offering advisory services - Continuous
  2. Releasing planned marketing activities - September
  3. Developing/establishing strategic partnerships in the implementation of marketing activities - Continuous
To the supplier
  1. Ensuring compliance with the public procurement and Disposal Act 2005 - Continuous
  2. Payment for goods and services - As per the terms of contract
To the people of Kenya
  1. Treating the general public courteously and professionally - Continuous
  2. Responding to enquiries through:- Telephone - 3 Rings, Email - 24hrs, Letters - 7 Days, Walk In - Promptly
  3. Conducting Media Briefings - Quarterly

Customer Obligation

  1. Treating our staff with courtesy and respect
  2. Attending scheduled meetings punctually
  3. Responding to requests for information appropriately
  4. Respecting our values

Review of Service Charter

In light of the changing circumstances, the Board will subject this service charter to regular reviews with a view to improving its service delivery.


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