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Prosurf Extreme Annual Charity Kitesurf Event which has become a fixed feature on the Kenya Sporting Calendar  came around again this February at the Nyali International Beach Hotel, with wind that just arrived in time and with entrants from Kenya, Germany and Italy.

Held over 3 days, this year’s event was different in that it was an Amateur event with a great turnout of entrants from Kenya’s growing kitesurfing community.

The full week’s itinerary for all the contestants and spectators included a race event, a kicker and slider event with ramps in the water to jump, as well as a big air and freestyle session.

Fire jumping, now a firm favourite at this annual event, saw kitesurfers racing in towards the beach and jumping over a burning raft at the last minute pulling off tricks mid-air.

This year’s event was photographed for Prosurf Extreme by internationally acclaimed Extreme Sports Photographer Christian Black.


Race Day
1 Kenneth Haji – Nyali Kenya
2 Ricardo Fortunato – Diani Kenya
3 Tara Woods – Watamu Kenya

Kicker & Slider
1 John Koyiet - Kenya
2 Edgar Muthande- Kenya
3 James Kinnear - Ireland

Big Air
1 John Koyiet - Kenya 
2 Claudio Cucci - Italy
3 Tara Woods - Kenya

1 Riccardo Fortunato – Diani Kenya
2 Tara Wood – Watamu Kenya
3 John Koyiet - Kenya

Best Race Day Tangle – Ravin Patel - UK

Pro Men’s Chris Burke

Women’s Gabi Steindl

For more information on the Charities supported (MEAK & ICRH) click here