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USAIN BOLT ADOPTS A CHEETAH IN KENYAUsain Bolt, the worlds’ fastest man, met the world’s fastest animal on four legs, the cheetah, at the Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

The Jamaican sprinter was on a four day safari in Kenya helping to launch a conservation campaign by the Zeitz Foundation.

The double world and Olympic champion adopted a cheetah cub rightly naming it ‘Lightning Bolt’.

Usain Bolt had initially toured the Nairobi Animal Orphanage where he came face to face with full grown cheetahs.

Colin Jackson, a former 110m hurdle world record holder adopted an Eland at the same function hosted by the Kenya Wildlife Service .

When asked if he was afraid of cheetahs, Bolt said: "Yes, I was, but not anymore."


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