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Cultural Safari in South Coast, Mombasa

These tribes all share a fascinating cultural heritage. These cultures are centred around sacred areas called Kayas. These are elevated forest glades, once used as store grounds for sacred objects known as fingos.

These undisturbed areas of land are still regarded as sacred and are still on occasion visited by tribal elders, particularly those of the Giriama.

One of the larger Mijikenda tribes, the Giriama are staunchly proud of their traditional customs. The Giriama history is one of strong tribal identity, and resistance to foreign cultures. The Giriama resisted colonial influences during the early 20th Century, particularly conversion to Christianity. A female warrior called Mekatilili wa Menza became a Giriama folk hero by actively fighting to protect her people from Christian Missionaries.

The small villages of this district, known as Kwale, are a world away from the fast paced life of the South Coast resorts. Here, life is lived at a much more relaxed rhythm. The fertile land and tropical climate make this ideal country for the growth of coconuts, sugar cane, cashew nuts and fresh fruits. This area is well known for the production of Palm Wine, a popular local drink.

This area is well worth exploring, and makes a fascinating contrast to life on the contrast. Many coast hotels and tour companies can organize for special trips and tours in this region with locally knowledgeable and culturally sensitive guides.

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