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Plan your Kenya Safari - Eating Out
Dining in Kenya - Where to Eat

Dining in Kenya
- Kenya’s abundance of natural produce, combined with the rich variety of cultures and traditions, have created a great culinary nation.

The fertile volcanic soil of the Rift Valley produce a bounty of fresh vegetables, while the coast is a great source of tropical fruit and fresh seafood.

The coast is also the home of the world renowned Swahili cuisine, a blend of Middle Eastern and African cooking with a particular coastal twist.

Further inland, Kenyans are formidable meat eaters. One of the best known Kenyan specialties is Nyama Choma- meaning literally ‘roasted meat’.

There are many popular 'Choma Joints' in most Kenyan towns. Probably the best known is Nairobi's Carnivore, Kenya’s most famous restaurant.

This is usually slow roasted over an open fire or charcoals, and served with a mixture of basic greens (known as Sukuma Wiki) and Ugali. Ugali is the much loved staple food of Kenya. Essentially a stiff porridge of maize flour, Ugali is served in large, freshly cooked bricks. Pieces of Ugali are broken off and used to eat either meat, stews or vegetables.

Vegetarians need not feel threatened- Kenya's large Asian population has led to a great many Indian, Pakistani and sub-continental restaurants throughout the country.

Excellent vegetarian meals can always be found alongside the best of regional Indian cuisine.

All over Kenya, the climate is ideal for alfresco dining. In many camps, lodges and restaurants, meals are served outside, letting you enjoy a feast with a view.

You can start the day with a bush breakfasts after an early morning game drive, and finish it with sundowner drinks and snacks taking in the view of one of Kenya's spectacular sunsets.

There is an incredible range of restaurants in Nairobi covering a world of cuisines. From Korean BBQ to French Novelle Cuisine, Ethiopian Injera to a Traditional Roast Sunday lunch, Hamburgers to Tandoori specialties, you'll find exactly what you're looking for, or a new and unexpected treat.

You may not have associated Kenya with world class cuisine, but after a safari here, you most certainly will.


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