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6-August-2010: Statement on outcome of National Referendum
The much awaited National Referendum for Kenyans to vote on the proposed new constitution was held on 4th August after rigorous but peaceful debate and campaigns and the results have now been officially announced by Kenya’s Independent Electoral Commission.

There was a high voter turnout of 71% of all registered voters and the result was a large majority (67%) in favour of the new constitution.

Voting took place across the entire country at over 27,000 polling stations in a peaceful and calm manner with no reports of a single incident of violence or of any disturbances.

Leaders from all sides have accepted the results as the will of the people.

International observers and the media have noted the peaceful manner in which rallies were held all over the country in the run-up to the Referendum, the well-organised conduct of the voting process and tallying of the results by the new Electoral Commission which was widely seen as fair and transparent and the highly disciplined organisation of the police and security forces who ensured maintenance of law and order and whose presence was reassuring for Kenyans.

The outcome of the Referendum and the free and fair way in which it was conducted marks a turning point for Kenya, reating new optimism and confidence that the country has regained its former international reputation as a law-abiding and politically stable nation.

The Kenya Tourist Board is confident that this paves the way for a great new future for Kenyans and creates the right conditions for the expansion of the tourism industry.

Now that the Referendum voting process has passed off so peacefully with the outcome accepted by all and with a clear demonstration that true democracy has prevailed, we look forward to welcoming increasing numbers of visitors who can be assured that Kenya is a peaceful, harmonious and democratic country where they will be made very welcome.

Jake Grieves-Cook
Chairman, Kenya Tourist Board