France lifts Travel advisory to Kenyan coast

The French government has lifted travel advisory against Mombasa and Malindi, signaling good news for travelers from the country visiting the region during the festive season.

French Ambassador to Kenya Remi Marechaux said that following a review on security measures the government has put in place within the coastal region, the French citizens are no longer advised to avoid Mombasa and Malindi.

Last month Tourism Minister Najib Balala and French ambassador to Kenya held a series of security meetings with the security agencies in the coast to review security measures already put in place in the region.

“We are happy when our tourist source markets appreciate what the government has done in improving security especially in our tourism spots, and we hope all travel advisories to other parts of the country will be reviewed soon,” said the CS.

While applauding the move CS, Balala called on other countries that have not reviewed their travel advisories to consider doing so in appreciation of the government’s effort in scaling up security.

Negative travel advisory has seen the French market recording a dip in performance with the current arrivals as at the month of October posting 11% drop with 14,048 visitors down from 15,938 in the same period last year.

Tourism in the coastal region, the CS pointed out, has been on the decline in the recent past owing to insecurity that has led to cancellation of charters.

He said revision of travel advisories will send a positive message on the destination adding that the recent incentives on charters to the coast was another major boost to the revival of tourism in the region.

The government has set aside Kshs 1.2 billion under charter incentives programs set to begin on 1st January 2016