Natural beauty and wildlife experience for an Indian traveller

About 95% of Indian travellers are out for natural beauty and wildlife experience.  Further travellers to Kenya mostly come for Mumbai, Delhi or Ahmadabad.

India is Kenya’s fifth biggest source market. Its tourism arrival figures into Kenya closed at 125,032 last year, a 6.17% growth compared to the previous year.

However, the Indian travel market has, in the last two years, experienced a slow-down that was occasioned by fiscal changes effected by the Indian government that affected consumer spending. The trend was also witnessed in South Africa, which is one of the top destinations in Africa by Indians.


According to consumer research by KTB, 66% of the respondents of the research who had travelled to Kenya belonged to either Delhi, Mumbai or Ahmadabad.

95% of the travellers visited Kenya to witness the natural beauty and experience wildlife safari. 50% of the travellers also stated an attractive package and free accommodation as a reason for visiting Kenya.

Standout Adventurers are the ones with the highest relation with Kenya. They happen to be the youngest group as well as the group with the highest income. 49% have been to Kenya and 73% have planned to visit it in the short term because they consider it is best for touring, an outstanding and cultural heritage, with a wide array of leisure activities and high-quality tourist infrastructure. 73% will visit a safari in the short term.

Indian travellers are particularly attracted by Kenya’s natural beauty, rustic ambience and cultural elegance that offers the photographer countless opportunities to capture iconic images such as graceful giraffes browsing in acacia trees, elephants traversing the savannah.

Kenya’s wildlife diversity has earned international fame, wildlife lovers flock to witness the Big 5 game and exotic species such as Zebra and Giraffe which are not found in Asia.

Multiple white sandy beaches in Kenya like Diani Beach, Lamu, Bamburi Beach offer a range of activities such as relaxing, carousing or swimming.

Prehistoric cultural heritage in Kenya and the increasing popularity of African art are a key attraction as well to Indian travellers.

With destination choices such as, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Australia on offer, Kenya makes it position strong as authentic safari destination clubbed with culture, history, mountain & world class beaches.

Kenya offers excellent climate to the Indian traveller throughout the year which makes it a perfect destination for year around.

Kenya provides hassle free e-VISA and Visa on arrival which makes it convenient to visitors from India.

Food is very integral part of any holiday. Kenya scores very high on this front as Indian food be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian is widely available across the country & all resorts, camps, lodges or hotels.

Kenya’s true and authentic wildlife experience, natural environment, scenic charm, world class beaches, hospitality of friendly people and vibrant nightlife provide a perfect combination to an experiential and memorable holiday which Indians nowadays seek while choosing overseas vacation.

UNWTO notes that India is the second fastest growing outbound travel market in the world with a prediction that outbound tourists would increase to 50 million by 2020.

In 2017, India’s outbound travellers rose by 14.31% to 25 million tourists from 21.87 million tourists in 2016. Countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Mauritius, Egypt and Indonesia are witnessing an influx of Indian tourists.

Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat are the three most important states in India contributing to outbound travel.