Rebranded National Reserve adds to attractions in the north rift tourism circuit


North rift tourism circuit known for athletics has taken tourism diversity a notch higher with the re-opening of rebranded Rimoi National Reserve.

The Reserve that has long been ignored has been given a facelift through rebranding, fencing and with additional wildlife species including Zebras and giraffes.

The County Government of Elgeyo Marakwet has undertaken the re-branding with the help of Kenya Wildlife Service that has introduced other animals to the reserve.

Perennial poaching witnessed in the past is now a forgotten story with massive fencing to ward off poachers, establishment of Cultural centres, and construction of tourism sites

Tucked away in the scenic Elgeyo Marakwet County and about 40 kilometers from Iten town- the world’s athletics capital, Rimoi National Game Reserve, is the home to East and Central Africa’s largest herd of elephants totaling to about 500 elephants.

Elephants move in hundreds

The elephants at the reserve move together in a group of about 100, compared to other elephant herds that move in pairs, or in a group of three or five.

So peculiar are the elephants in this characteristic that they train their young ones early enough to belong to a herd rather than a small group.

The reserve is also very unique as it has been established by wildlife scientists as a breeding ground for elephants that trout to the sanctuary from neighbouring Turkana and Samburu counties.

The Rimoi elephants graze mainly at night for during the day, they shelter under riverine bushes because of the sweltering heat in Kerio Valley.

Rimoi Reserve is also home to other unique wildlife that includes the world’s rare white crocodile at the campsite along Kerio River.

Other animals resident in Rimoi include dik diks, guinea fowls, warthogs and baboons.

The reserve is also a haven for a huge variety of bird species including weavers, sun birds, pigeons, honey guides, hornbills, turacos and sometimes rare migrants.