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Lamu Island

Lamu is a place like no other, a peaceful tropical island, with a magic of its own. Made up of a collection of idyllic islands at the northern end of Kenya’s coastline, the Lamu Archipelago is living history.  Made up of a wealth of beautiful, historic buildings, a visit to Lamu promises nothing but an original, authentic coastal experience. There are four main islands: Lamu, Manda, Pate and Kiwayu.  The Old Town’s narrow alleys, Arabic architecture, fort and mosques speak of age old culture, while the surrounding beaches and reefs sparkle in the sunshine.  


Lamu Island, located off the coast of Kenya, boasts a rich and fascinating history and culture that travellers can explore and immerse themselves in. The island has been inhabited for centuries with a unique blend of African, Arab, and Indian influences reflected in architecture, cuisine, and way of life. The old town of Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a prime example of the island’s rich cultural heritage, with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and traditional Swahili houses.

You can discover the island’s history through its many museums within the Lamu Old Town, including the Lamu Museum, Lamu Fort, Swahili House, Takwa Ruins, Mwana Arafa Jambeni and the German Post Office Museum. The museums offer invaluable ethnographic collections and history that showcase the cultural history and influences of Lamu. The island’s cultural events, such as the Lamu Cultural Festival, provide further insight into the island’s rich cultural tapestry.

The island’s cuisine is a fusion of its inhabitants’ culinary traditions, with an emphasis on seafood due to its coastal location. Some of the most popular dishes on the island include samaki wa kupaka (a creamy fish curry served with rice) and biryani (a fragrant rice dish with meat, fish or vegetables).
Lamu Island offers various water sports and adventure activities, from snorkelling and kitesurfing to sailing and deep-sea fishing. For a more nature-oriented experience, you can explore the mangrove forests on a guided nature walk and witness the abundant wildlife and stunning scenery up close.

Overall, a trip to Lamu Island guarantees an unforgettable adventure that combines action-packed activities with rich culture and history. Whether a nature enthusiast or a culinary explorer, you will surely enjoy this magical island.

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